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Instructional Design

Your solution will be built by experienced instructional designers who have vast knowledge of what actually works in adult learning. The result is not just another e-course but a carefully-designed learning experience that actually works and achieve your objectives.  

Mobile Learning

Successful learning professionals are able to make learning available to users wherever and whenever they are. We help you make the best use of mobile devices by creating easily consumable learning units with the optimum user experience. 


Truly interactive eLearning courses have the power to transform learning and content into meaningful experiences for learners. We design and thoughtfully place interactive elements in e-courses to help your learners retain content longer allowing them to actively process and apply what they learn.

Micro Learning

Learning small pieces of information at a higher frequency is clinically proven to be better for retention. Let us help you make learning more meaningful and engaging, with short, single-objective focused lessons that get directly to the point. 

Authoring Tools

Our developers are proficient in many of the popular eLearning development tools including Storyline, Captivate, Camtasia, Lectora, iSpring..etc. We also have access to premium media and voice talent resources. 


Practice makes perfect. Whether it's for using a software or simply filling out a form, we design simulation-based eLearning experiences so that your users can practice what they're learning within the learning solution itself and save your organization from costly mistakes.



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Workplace Violence

Cyber Security

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Burn Management (Not Narrated)

Home Mortgage Calculator


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New Employee Orientation

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The Bank Experience (Game)


Founded in 2018 in Ames IA, IKORM brings together talented professionals in corporate learning and development along with expertise in visual design and modern eLearning development.


We like to work with companies of all sizes and always bring to every project our passion for producing premium eLearning modules that are interactive and engaging. We are located at:

328 Main St. Suite 209 Ames IA 50010

515 232 2505

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